Batch UK VAT numbers validation

UK VAT number batch validation in real time.

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Free UK VAT number batch check, no registration needed

Copy and paste all UK VAT numbers in the app below. Make sure there is only one VAT number per line. You can also copy and paste an entire column from an Excel file.

STEP 1: Enter multiple VAT numbers (copy and paste UK VAT numbers e.g. from an excel or csv file or manually enter one per line)  in the app text box below .

STEP 2: Press ” Check UK VAT numbers” red button.

STEP 3: Wait for processing.

STEP 4: Download result as CSV, PDF file or send to any email.

Batch check  UK VAT numbers

Wholesale tax identification number verification

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Can I view my VAT certificate online?

You can download your VAT certificate online, as well as requesting one from HMRC by post or by phone. The latter can take weeks to arrive, whereas an online certificate is instantly available.