Are you aware that your organisation is required to validate and retain its EU customer’s VAT registration details? How do you intend to do this – manually? As part approach to emerging VAT risks and obligations, we have developed the VIES Validation Tool to help simplify this process for your organisation.

When sending invoices inside the EU, the company is responsible for ensuring the VAT numbers are valid. This is a requirement of the authorities. The normal process is to use an online tool which you can use to check and verify individual VAT numbers.

By using our application, the process of checking multiple VAT numbers becomes automatic. Instead of looking up every individual number, the VAT numbers are all checked consecutively in one cycle, and confirmation of the VAT number validation can be registered automatically.

With this application, this process becomes automatic, fast and simple. It is only necessary to enter a list of VAT numbers. When this process is complete confirmation of validation can be stored on hard disk or sent to any mailbox.

  • Automatic VAT number validation

At present it is necessary to verify for each individual VAT number which involves very tedious and time consuming work. By using our application, all the VAT numbers will be validated automatically.

  •  Storing registry confirmation

As a confirmation of the validation, the data can be stored on your hard disk (as csv file) or sent to any mailbox .

  • Only java script enabled is required to run the software

The software is written in php therefore a web browser is the only software needed to run the application.

See how it works – VIDEO.

You need only paste the VAT registration numbers to be validated within the tool and click the “Check” button. The tool will then pass each VAT registration number over to the Europa VIES service and will then display the response, informing you of the validity of the number and the name and address of the registrant where available.

Possible to have first a trial access, to see it this tool meets your needs.Contact