Verification of VAT numbers based on the VIES

Application to the end of June will be free of charge. Since the beginning of July will be only  available after buying the access which will enable the use of application without limit.
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For all interested persons, I will send a link to create an account that will be used to log in.

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Bulk \ Batch VIES VAT number validation service
Select language
Requester VAT number
Fill in if you wish to receive REQUEST ID
Clear all
Restoration application to its original state
Clear only results
Cleaning the table with the results of the verification
Get csv file
Saves the table as a CSV file on the disk
Send mail
Ability to send the table of results for any e-mail

You can receive a consultation number from VIES for each VAT identification number that you validate if you provide a valid requestor’s VAT identification number during validation. You use this consultation number to prove to a tax administrator of a member country that you validated the VAT identification number and obtained a validation result.

You can validate a single VAT identification number at the time of data entry. You can also validate multiple records using a batch process.

  • Place the numbers in the input box – one number per line – (usefull for pasted numbers from spreadsheets) and press the button “Check”.
  • The results immediately appeared, with the inputed numbers and response from  Member State’s database ( VIES ).
  • Save the verification on your hard disk or send the result of verification to your mailbox.
  • To validate new set of numbers press “Clear all” and the result box returns to input mode again.
  • If you have received an error message when entering your VAT number, please check to make sure you have entered the number in the correct format. Please enter the country code first, followed by the entire VAT number. Please enter the number without any spaces.


  • INCORRECT: 157 544 555 666
  • INCORRECT: GB 157 544 555 666
  • CORRECT: GB157544555666

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